Struck-By Incidents

Below are pictures and videos of recent struck-by incidents involving Florida responders. The majority of these incidents are from Central Florida and involve responders from the agencies who are members of our District 5 TIM team. 
The map, below, is a graphic representation of reported struck-by incidents involving Central Florida first responders. 

Video from FHP.

View from rear camera.

View from driver's side camera.  Videos provided by FHP

On March 17th, 2021, while on routine patrol, a CFX Road Ranger stopped out with a disabled vehicle on SR 429. As the Road Ranger stepped out of his truck, a tractor-trailer failed to slow down or move over and struck the Road Ranger's door. The semi did not stop at the incident location. The Road Ranger reported no injuries.
On the afternoon of July 17th, 2020 a Central Florida Expressway (CFX) Road Ranger stopped on the shoulder to check on a disabled vehicle. While the Road Ranger was at the disabled vehicle his truck was struck by another motorist. The Road Ranger had his emergency light and arrow board on when the struck by occurred. The Road Ranger was uninjured during this struck by. 
21-year old Dawson Rice, an EMT in Florida, suffered multiple fractures and other critical injuries after being struck-by a vehicle while working on the scene of a previous crash. Click here to read more. 
In the early morning hours of Feb 10th, an Orlando FD unit was hit by an approaching motorist. Four firefighters were in the cab at the time. They were transported to the hospital for evaluation but released later that morning. Occupants in the other vehicle were also transported, with injuries. Just 4- hours later, another unit from Ocoee Fire Dept. was also hit. 
Dawson Rice.png
On Christmas Day, 2019, a Road Ranger was assisting the Florida Highway Patrol when the back of the Road Ranger truck was struck by a vehicle. The driver of the car that struck the Road Ranger truck received minor injuries. No first respondents were injured.

Photos from OFD.

Just 4-hours after the Orlando FD unit was struck on Feb. 10th, 2019, another fire engine from Ocoee FD was rear-ended. Ocoee had been working the scene of a crash. A Road Ranger was upstream, providing advance warning and MOT for associated lane closures. The FD had just finished preparing patients for transport when their engine was struck from behind by a full-size pick-up, pulling a trailer. Fortunately, no injuries were sustained by the responders on scene or the driver of the truck. 
In August 2018, an FHP Trooper was working a construction detail. One lane had been closed for over an hour. The Trooper was within the closure, behind a construction vehicle, with emergency lights activated. She saw/heard an approaching car and attempted to shift her cruiser into gear to avoid the crash. Before she could do so, her cruiser was struck from the rear. The Trooper sustained serious injuries. The motorist who hit her was charged with DUI.
In January, 2019, a Road Ranger had just stopped to provide roadside assistance on a rainy day, when a passing motorist lost control of their vehicle. The Road Ranger had just gotten on scene. (He hadn't even gotten out of his truck to set up his MOT.) He heard the screeching tires and stayed in the truck. Thankfully, his parking brake was on and he did not sustain any injuries, but at least one of the occupants from other vehicles was hurt. 

View from rear camera. Note the mini van that begins to move over, but does not appear to slow immediately following the crash.

Rear from front camera - note the drivers that continue to drive through the incident scene, especially the first mini-van. 

Videos provided by Autobase, Corp.

In late 2018, an FHP Trooper was on the roadside, investigating a minor two-vehicle crash when a semi lost control. A Road Ranger was parked behind the Trooper, providing MOT/advanced warning when the incident occurred.  The Trooper had just gotten back to his vehicle and pulled his leg in, when the semi hit the side of his cruiser, nearly removing the driver's side door. 
A Road Ranger had just stopped to provide assistance in early January, 2019, when he heard a vehicle hit several of his cones. The audible alert from the cones being struck alerted the Road Ranger of the approaching danger.  The vehicle sideswiped the Road Ranger's truck. No one was injured, but the at-fault vehicle left the scene without stopping.    

View from rear camera. 

View from front camera.  Videos provided by Autobase, Corp

In late December 2018, while working a crash, an apparatus from Orlando Fire Department was struck by a motorist, and charged with DUI. 3 firefighters were transported with minor injuries, two from outside the truck, one from within. The driver of the car that struck them suffered serious injuries.

Photos from OFD.


Video from local news channel.

Video from local news channel.

On a rainy Thanksgiving, 2017, a vehicle lost control, striking a Road Ranger truck that was on scene to provide MOT while a Trooper worked another crash. What you don't see in the video is that there is a second Road Ranger, prior to the scene, providing advance warning going into the curve.